Xubuntu Webserver: Would You Like Without A Head?

•February 5, 2008 • 2 Comments

My latest project has been to install a webserver into a computer that is not exactly new but not too old to not function properly. Since I’m designing my website at the moment, I turned that computer into a webserver. Out of all the distributions that I could put in it, I went with Xubuntu, just like I did with my external hard drive. I chose this because of the lower amount of resources that the Desktop Environment extracts and the reliability of the Ubuntu community. Now, if you are wondering what I mean by the posts’ title, I decided to turn it into a server that did not need a monitor, mouse, or keyboard.
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Slackware: Another Great One

•February 2, 2008 • 2 Comments

This one was mentioned to me in a comment. Apparently I missed mentioning the oldest distribution that is still being maintained. Slackware seems like a good distribution, though I have never used it. I plan on trying it out after I have gotten my web server up and running, writing a post about it so those who would like to know how it did it can read about, and creating my web site.

Now, Slackware is a distribution that is a bit different from the rest. The first difference is that it’s packages are not .deb or .rpm, in fact, they are .tgz (gzipped tarballs). This adds its own uniqueness as it is easier to know where exactly the files are being place, and not be out of the loop like you would be installing a .deb or .rpm.
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Comments: Have any?

•January 31, 2008 • 1 Comment

Remember, if you have any questions about anything I say in one of the posts or if you’d like me to answer any questions you may have regarding any of the Linux distributions, ask away in a comment. Don’t be shy!

Virtual Machines: Good Resource or Waste of Space?

•January 30, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Well, I believe anyone migrating to Linux or has migrated to Linux has probably already heard of a virtual machine. A virtual machine can be used for many different things: making an internal server in a safe environment, testing programs that you do not want tested in your normal OS, or using an operating system before reformatting your normal hard drive. Many people in the Linux community use a virtual machine primarily to use Windows-based programs that cannot be run using WINE.
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Distribution of the Week: Gentoo Linux

•January 30, 2008 • Leave a Comment

This is another of the Linux distributions that is doing very well for itself and has a considerably large community. The name basically comes from a different species of penguin called Gentoo, as we all know Tux the Penguin is the self imposed mascot of the Linux world and this is basically where the name is also derived from. Continue reading ‘Distribution of the Week: Gentoo Linux’

Linux Distributions: Which One Is Better?

•January 27, 2008 • 1 Comment

Ever wonder which distribution is better? Well, it is not a simple question to answer. All the linux distributions have their good and their bad, as they are all headed for the same goal, and the only ones that could be given the title of being “better” would have to be the ones that are most maintained. Also, another factor that plays into the “better” category would have to be how many people like the distribution and use it.
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Vixta.org: The Better Windows Vista?

•January 26, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Now, now… I know there are a lot of Linux veterans on the internet here that utterly despise Microsoft and any flavor of Windows, but to those who do, you should know that there are many Linux converts who loved the look and feel of Windows but came to Linux looking for a system that wouldn’t have too many crashes or the dreaded “blue screen.” I stumbled across this flavor of Linux today on the Ubuntu forums website and its name just instilled a great curiosity. Continue reading ‘Vixta.org: The Better Windows Vista?’