EQ Settings and New Speakers

For Christmas, I received a lovely new set of speakers from Santa Claus. Luckily, I bought them at a lower price than they presently are: $80. For that price, a set of 2.1 speakers that can output 200 Watts is pretty good. I’ve been happy with them since the first day i got them. The subwoofer is a hefty 40 pounds and outputs an amazing bass.

Now, all I can say is, these speakers turned me into an audiophile. I started becoming obsessed in making my music sound as best as possible. I dabbled in information about Equalizer settings, as Creative provides a nice software equalizer with their sound cards. Since my music genres are those classified under Rock, Techno, and Hip Hop, I focused on making two different EQ settings: One for Rock and one for Hip Hop. It took me about an hour to create the Rock settings, but it happened. I’ve got an amazing one with emphasis on the guitars and slightly on the vocals. This was done by lowering the low mids and the bass, keeping the treble and high mids, well, high Now, with this subwoofer that I have, the bass comes out amazingly. I think it was because of it that I’m starting to fall in love with the drums.

The Hip Hop setting was a lot easier as I was focusing on Bass and Treble, allowing me to have an emphasis on the beat and the voice of the artist. I tried lowering all of the midtones completely, but i noticed that the vocals came out weird. I mixed and matched and, an hour later again, I had the settings I wanted. 

The unfortunate side for me is that this was all done in Windows. I got my soundcard working in Xubuntu, but I just could not get the music to sound as a good as I did on Windows. Once again, I have one more reason to dualboot.


~ by masterjs on April 30, 2009.

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