Motherboard Failure?

About a week ago, my UPS went out on me and must have created a surge back into the computer. This shorted something out inside of my computer. The weird thing is that everything turns on: all of the fans spin, hard drive turns on, and cd drives turn on. The motherboard does not post and I am not sure if the problem is either with the motherboard or the processor. I tried out a friend’s processor but he told me he always had issues with it, so i cannot know if the second processor is giving me a false positive. The second processor does the same as the first: everything spins but no post. I would have to assume that the motherboard is at fault and i think i’ll be buying a new. The link at the bottom is the one I have chosen as a replacement. It seems to be a good one. I wonder if anyone has any comments on it.

[Update, 3/22/09 at 21:45]

A commenter pointed out a solution I had taken into account at first and it is a very good one, as it should be the place where anyone with such a problem should start. I had believed that the failed UPS had shorted out the power supply, as the computer would just turn off automatically without a blue screen and everything turning off immediately. I changed it for a newer one after the system ended up not posting at all. After trying it with the newer UPS, i discovered it functioned the same: no posting and everything turning on. (Thank you, Richard Chapman, for pointing this out so that other readers can know to start with this solution.)

[Update, 4/30/09 at 3:15]

I borrowed a Pentium D processor from a friend of mine and placed it into the board. Once again, it would not post or boot. This clearly shows me that the motherboard is at fault. I have decided on buying a newer one: one from MSI for about $90. Below is the link to the motherboard for those interested.

MSI P43 Neo3-F


~ by masterjs on March 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Motherboard Failure?”

  1. I had the same symptoms TWICE on the same computer. I put in a used power supply and it worked for another month. Then the same thing happened. This time I examined the power supply carefully (very carefully). I found a burnt out resistor. I put in another used but much higher quality power supply and it’s been fine for about 8 months now. I hope this helps.

  2. Great tip. It was the first place I started, seeing as it would turn off out of nowhere. Thanks for telling me. It’ll be great advice for anyone who stumbles on this site.

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