Website or Not? Give Your Opinion

I’m thinking of making a website, based on the things I’ve spoken about here and on the topic of this blog. I’d like to hear your opinions on whether or not I should make a website based on this. Please give your opinions!!

The website will continue on the topic that I’ve established here and I will constantly update it with info of my experiences and give you my personal opinions and walkthroughs on the the things that I do.


~ by masterjs on February 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “Website or Not? Give Your Opinion”

  1. Why not? It would be more than welcome!

  2. Why not simply expand this WP area into a website? Add pages and all that jazz. It would be easier, cheaper, faster, and it would still give access to a large audience.

  3. well you could easy and cheaply make a website and get your own domain… doesn’t cost much any more… a few dollars a month

  4. Curious if you’re dead. I actually enjoyed reading your blog. 😦

  5. No, linuxcrayon, I am not dead! Haha! I had just been taking a break from the blog for awhile, searching for new topics to add to it.

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