Slackware: Another Great One

This one was mentioned to me in a comment. Apparently I missed mentioning the oldest distribution that is still being maintained. Slackware seems like a good distribution, though I have never used it. I plan on trying it out after I have gotten my web server up and running, writing a post about it so those who would like to know how it did it can read about, and creating my web site.

Now, Slackware is a distribution that is a bit different from the rest. The first difference is that it’s packages are not .deb or .rpm, in fact, they are .tgz (gzipped tarballs). This adds its own uniqueness as it is easier to know where exactly the files are being place, and not be out of the loop like you would be installing a .deb or .rpm.

Another difference that exists between Slackware and the other oldies is the fact that there is no definite package manager for the system. Although this makes it harder for finding the right dependencies, it does allow more control over the system and how you, the user, can manage where exactly all the files are. This distribution, though, I would not recommend to an average user or someone just beginning to use the Command Line Interface. This system requires a higher knowledge of the system and should be used by those who have been around the LInux community for quite a bit.

Now, as I have mentioned before, many of the distributions that exists today come in many different flavors. Slackware is no different, coming in KDE and XFCE. Older versions of Slackware came in GNOME, but this was taken away in 2005. Why that is, I do not know. But what i do know is that many of the distributions that are based on Slackware do come with GNOME desktop environment, so for those of you that would like GNOME can find those distributions.

I cannot say much about Slackware as I myself have not used it before. Maybe later on I’ll be able to give a full review on the system so I can actually be of some help to those who need it.


~ by masterjs on February 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Slackware: Another Great One”

  1. After wanting to get around to it for weeks and weeks, I’ve finally made the switch–I’m currently running Slackware. It’s incredibly simple. I was missing something and didn’t know what package it was in. Searching for it in the list of files for the packages (in PACKAGE.TXT) didn’t help. So I installed slackpkg (in extra/), used the command `slackpkg search file`, and BAM! It told me exactly which package the file was located in. That was my only problem and it was EASILY solved.

    Slackware is power.

    Oh, and it is INCREDIBLY fast. Beyond words fast. I’m not sure if this is just because it’s Slackware, or because of the way I installed it, or because of the filesystem (XFS), or all three, but it is DEFINITELY the fastest distro I have EVER had the pleasure of using…in KDE or XFCE. All I can do is encourage everyone to make the switch…even to newbies. Despite its intimidating nature, it is undeniably simple and easy.

  2. Finally! A Slackware user that can give an honest opinion on the subject! This should help anyone that is looking for a nice distribution and is considering Slackware. Thanks linuxcrayon.

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