Linux Distributions: Which One Is Better?

Ever wonder which distribution is better? Well, it is not a simple question to answer. All the linux distributions have their good and their bad, as they are all headed for the same goal, and the only ones that could be given the title of being “better” would have to be the ones that are most maintained. Also, another factor that plays into the “better” category would have to be how many people like the distribution and use it.

One website to find this out on is Distrowatch, a website based on monitoring the hundreds of linux distributions out on the net. Now this website only has one flaw in it and it is a major one. The rankings they have are based on the amount of hits that the distribution’s main website receives every day/week/month/year. As this is the most logical way to rank an OS, it is not the most realistic. There is a possibility that more people go to a distribution’s website just to check it, and not necessarily download it and use it.

Now, the ones that I have personally used are Ubuntu, Mandriva, PCLinuxOS, and Debian. All are great distributions and each has their own look and feel.

Ubuntu is by far the most popular. Perhaps the reason is the fact that some Dell and HP computers are now sold with Ubuntu as the main Operating System on them. Although they are few, it is still a start in the direction of a mainstream Linux Operating System. Ubuntu has it’s own little problems, mostly dealing with drivers and codecs. I personally stuck with Ubuntu as it was the most familiar and, as i found it to be, a little more convenient than the others.

Mandriva is another popular distribution based on Red Hat. Mandriva is an rpm-based distribution and is different from Ubuntu and Debian. Mandriva is an excellent distribution for its look and feel. Those who like a smooth interface and beautiful designed artwork in their system would love using this distribution. For me, the rpm system was just too different for my tastes and was hard to get used to.

PCLinuxOS is perhaps Ubuntu’s main competitor. The system is directed in the direction of being easy to use and to work right out of the box. It is designated to those who would like to use Linux but not have to deal with too much of the Terminal. PCLinuxOS was built to be a “better” Mandriva Linux and in my opinion, it has become that.

Debian is perhaps the mother of all distributions out there, parallel to Red Hat Linux. Many of the distributions are based on it and use its package management system APT. Debian was built to create a more stable and maintained Softlanding Linux System. Debian has become a very stable and wellbuilt system, offering the most comprehensive interface. Another thing that people should take into consideration is that many of the favorite distributions out there would not exist today if it had not been for Ian Murdock building this system.

Again, I must stress that fact that everyone has their preferences, but in my opinion Ubuntu is perhaps going to lose its title soon if the Ubuntu team does not speed up the process of fixing the many bugs that exist in the system.


~ by masterjs on January 27, 2008.

One Response to “Linux Distributions: Which One Is Better?”

  1. Out of the Debian crowd I like Xubuntu, from the RPM gang I like Fedora and one group you didn’t mention was the Slackware group of which Wolvix wins my admiration. That Linux can fit the hardware and the user is quite a feat. The best thing in Linux these days is the live-CD and bootable jump drive. Also if you want fun and adventure check out Puppy Linux.

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