The Better Windows Vista?

Now, now… I know there are a lot of Linux veterans on the internet here that utterly despise Microsoft and any flavor of Windows, but to those who do, you should know that there are many Linux converts who loved the look and feel of Windows but came to Linux looking for a system that wouldn’t have too many crashes or the dreaded “blue screen.” I stumbled across this flavor of Linux today on the Ubuntu forums website and its name just instilled a great curiosity. I looked it up, as the website only shows the download link and screenshots, and I found it that it is basically a fully customized Fedora distribution (not maintained by Fedora or Red Hat). The provider of this basically tried to make Fedora as much like Windows Vista as possible, so those that are converting from a Vista Premium computer will not be too out of the loop with their new Linux system. The customization is not that hard for someone who has been using Linux for more than 6 months but it is convenient for those who would like to have a Windows like system. Now as we all know, Linux comes with its own little problem but those aren’t usually the system’s fault, normally it’s the user’s. This looks like a good way to bring more people over and maybe then there will be enough of a difference in the OS market that Linux will become mainstream. It just hope it is not a bloated system and is good enough for a moderate computer that most people buy (and not needing the ridiculous amount of resources that is needed to run the real Vista). Screenshots Website
Ubuntu Forums


~ by masterjs on January 26, 2008.

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