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Nowadays, Linux distributions come in many different flavors. The most popular and well developed environments are GNOME, KDE, and XFCE. Every user has their personal tastes and i like both GNOME and XFCE.

I tried KDE by installing Kubuntu and i ended just purging the whole installation. I just didn’t like the feel of the envionment and the difficulty that exists in customizing it. The good things that i saw in it were the developement and look of the applications. The way they look is smoother than GNOME and the environment already has enough eye candy that by adding Compiz-Fusion, you are just adding minimal plugins. The KDE menu is well-developed and far better structured than the rest. In the end, I just ended up not liking the KDE envionment.

GNOME is just very hard not to like. The environment is clean and not too bloated on the initial install. The customization of the system is easy enough to do and the way you get around is a lot smoother than KDE. The problems with GNOME are how far behind it is from KDE in the look and feel department. The thing about GNOME is that once customized, you can have a really well built system.

Now XFCE is a well built desktop environment. The minimalistic look is everything one could want without the bloated aspects of the other environments. It takes basically the same amount of resources of Windows 95 and the stability of any desktop environment of today. XFCE combines the aspects of all the great environments of Linux into one but the problem is, it also gives it the problems of those environments. There are still a few bugs like all the environments and it still takes a lot of configuration to get it just like you want it.

In the end, all the environments are well off and they are all well built. All it takes is just a bit of experimentation and personal choice. For my recommendations, GNOME is to be used on a PC with fairly good hardware or better, KDE on a PC with decent hardware to be able to gain all of the aspects and not have it freeze up on you, and XFCE for all those computers that have a couple of years on them and their hardware.


~ by masterjs on January 26, 2008.

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  1. really!GNOME FTW!

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