A Few Good Alternatives

There are many open source applications out there on the internet today and many of them are just as good as their Windows counterparts. One of the best out there that I have used is OpenOffice.org. Though it comes standard with Ubuntu, I have tried many of the other Offices that exist and although many are good, I just find that OpenOffice.org is a very good alternative to Microsoft Office. Now, if we were to go to talk of the Word Processors, I would have to say that Abiword is a lot better as it has a smoother interface.

Now for those Adobe Photoshop users or the Creative Suite users, you can create your own little personal suite by using the GIMP, Krita, and Inkscape. You have the photo editor, the drawing program, the 2D vector graphics, and any other use that you might need between those three programs.

Now the most obvious alternative software, and by far the most used, would have to be Mozilla Firefox. All of the Mozilla software is very well done and has gotten open source software out into the world and at least has let people see what people other than those at Microsoft can do, even if they haven’t heard of Linux. Some might argue that Evolution is better than Mozilla Thunderbird, but that is more of a personal preference than a true difference. For me, I prefer Mozilla Thunderbird as it’s interface looks a bit smoother and more customizable.

Now for those that had been on Windows for many years most likely have created emails in MSN or Yahoo. The best way to keep those emails all together and still be able to use them to chat without having Windows Live Messenger or the Yahoo Messenger, you can use Pidgin. Not only does it let you log into your accounts but you may have many together at the same times. A handy little tool for those with multiple emails. Now for Windows Live Messenger though, the best alternative would have to be aMSN as its interface is nearly the same as MSN and usable on Linux.

For those with iPods, the best alternatives to iTunes would have to be Amarok, gtkPod, and Banshee. All three of these media players have just the same capabilities as iTunes or Windows Media Player. You can connect your iPod to your computer and not have to worry about not being able to play your music from it or even transfer things back and forth.

If you still have a few programs that you miss in Windows and would want to have them, you can try to use WINE to possibly use them. The thing you need to remember about WINE is that it has not been perfected and not all programs work perfectly on them. Myself, personally, do not miss too many programs from Windows and am a happy Linux convert. The only program i truly miss is CorelDraw, but I guess this is something I’m going to have to live with.


~ by masterjs on January 23, 2008.

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